Danville’s Royal Donut

royal donut

Some of our earliest doughnut memories are from Royal Donut in Danville, IL.

Danville was the halfway point on our drives from Chicago to central Illinois to visit Pam and Audrey.  Our favorite was the basic glazed donut; it has just the right amount of yeast, and just the right amount of sugary glaze.

However, when it was our parent’s who drove the family down to their place we didn’t always get to stop.  But when Pam and Audrey came up to Chicago to see us there was never a time that a Royal Donut box was not in their car.

As soon as Pam and Audrey pulled into the driveway our parents would send us out to help unload their luggage.  We always acted like it was a chore, but secretly we were competing to be the one to bring in the treasured white cardboard box.  No matter what time of day they arrived, it was always DONUT TIME.

Occasionally, the donuts would come with wooden nickels that were worth 10 cents towards a dozen donuts.  We were too young to buy the donuts ourselves so the nickels never got used.  But we still have a few left and hope visit Danville soon to buy a dozen donuts – even if they won’t give us our 10 cents off!

Now we’ve just got to figure out where we can get wooden nickels made for Pam + Audrey’s Doughnuts in Los Angeles!!


wooden nickel_front

wooden nickel_back'