Meet our aunt, Pam


And our grandmother, Audrey


Then there’s us, Kate & Jeremiah


…a brother and sister with a passion for doughnuts, baking and apparently, California Raisins… but we digress.

The idea for Pam + Audrey’s Doughnuts all started a few years ago with a list. A cataloging of doughnut flavors that we wanted to try, but had never seen before. As time went on, we found some of the flavors we imagined, but some remained elusive. So, naturally, we decided to see if we could make them.

We focused on the dough first. We wanted something light, but still substantial. Something where the natural flavors of the yeast and butter and spices came through. Something that would complement different glazes and fillings.

After months of experimentation, we found our recipe. It was simple and flavorful. Putting the dough forward as more than just a delivery device for the toppings.

We’re just getting started and working out of a home kitchen doing batches of 100 doughnuts three times a week. This way we can focus on quality and make sure that every doughnut is the very best it can be. We really like what we’ve come up with and we hope you’ll try it and like it too!


Named after our aunt & grandmother, Pam + Audrey’s is about capturing the same spirit of delicious comforting food that they shared with us though their baking and mutual love of donuts. Something we hope to be able to share with you with Pam + Audrey’s Doughnuts.


Kate: Has never met a doughnut she didn’t like.


Jeremiah: Has never met a doughnut. How would you meet a doughnut? That’s just weird.